Fluorite Healing Stone Meaning, Price, Properties, And Mining Facts
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Fluorite Healing Stone Meaning, Price, Properties, And Mining Facts

In this article, we are going to explain the most healing stone which is fluorite healing stone. The crystal shine of stone is not only the purpose of its wide use in jewellery. However, the strong presence is due to the fluorite healing properties.

The stone is widely used in jewellery because it stands in the highest crystal shine gemstones belonging to natural beauty. The most interesting fact about the stone is its color representation. Every single color shows a rainbow representation. The reactions of minerals have left very amazing facts on the stone which are described in the details in this article. Let’s enhance our knowledge about this gorgeous appearance stone.

Fluorite Mining Process

The mining process of stone can be done by open pits, underground mining, and quarries. However, the mining is more difficult than other gemstones. Because it has a high tendency of stone crushing into small pieces during the mining. Pure fluorite is formed with more pure minerals and these are the most fluoresce. It has a high luster and the ability to shine more than the other fluorite. To extract the mineral from depth the first step is to crush the rock so that ore can be extracted in high grade. The high tendency of breakage makes the process difficult.

It is necessary to crush the ore as softly as possible to obtain the large size of the stone. After successfully mining the stone it has shifted to the second destination which is clearing the stone from minerals and clearing its availability.

After clearing the mineral the next process is very interesting which grinding the stone into different shapes. The grinding process enhances the overflow of crystal.

Fluorite Healing Stone

Fluorite is a rich healing stone that absorbs high energies. It has abilities of physical and mental healing along with qualities to attract good fortune. Let's talk about the healing properties of stone:

Protect From Negative Energies: The strong energies of stone support to protect from negative energies. It helps to protect from the evil eye.

Reduce Stress: Mental peace is important to get success in life. Wearing fluorite helps to reduce stress and provide mental peace.

Increase Concentration: concentration is important to do work. The stone helps in concentration and increases work motivation.

Increase Self-Confidence: If a person suffers from low self-confidence fluorite helps to increase self-confidence to communicate with people. It helps to get a respectful position in the social circle.

Balance Emotions: Emotional domination is important to balance life. It helps in overwhelming which keep the mind active about decisions.

Encourage Positivity: Positivity is important to make good relations. The stone has a strong ability to build a positive attitude which helps to understand the condition of others.

How To Use Fluorite In Jewellery

The stone comes in different shapes. Its crystal appearance looks more beautiful in jewellery. Fluorite is used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. The tiny size of the stone is used to enhance the central appearance of the large size stone. It is used for different purposes like protection, occasional wear, and in wedding jewellery.

Fluorite Healing Stone Price

The price depends on the color and quality of the fluorite stone. The price starts from $30 to go up to $150. The use of this stone is very high jewellery because of its crystal shine and resemblance with rich gemstones.

Fluorite Stone Colors

Fluorite stone is known as the most colorful stone in the world. Every shade of stone comes in a rainbow structure that enhances its beauty and attraction. The most common colors in fluorite stone are colorless, yellow, blue, green, and purple. The unique color combination of stone has been increasing its value in jewellery and reason for its high recommendation for occasion jewellery.


Is Fluorite an expensive stone?

Fluorite is not an expensive gemstone. It can be found under $30 to $50.

How to find fluorite stone?

Original fluorite is available at the old gemstone stores and dealers who have a variety of pure gemstones.

What is the birth month of fluorite?

February is a birth month for fluorite.

Which Color of fluorite belongs to love?

Green color is associated with love, romance, and passion.