Obsidian Gemstone Meaning, Healing Properties, And Price
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Obsidian Gemstone Meaning, Healing Properties, And Price

Obsidian gemstone meaning and properties are the reason for its high grades. Gemstones have been regarded for centuries by many ancient and crystal appearances. Natural gemstones are considered for their healing properties. There is no comparison between natural gemstones and laboratory-created gemstones. Natural gemstones are associated with healing properties, spirituality, and Good fortune.

Let’s explore the amazing facts about obsidian gemstone that belong to the cooled lava process. Let's talk first about the obsidian gemstone process then we will explain the obsidian gemstone meaning, its healing properties, and other facts.

Obsidian Gemstone Formation

The dark black shade of stone gives some imagination of its creation process. This gemstone belongs to the lava cooling process. It only occurs when geological processes create volcanoes and it requires the chemical composition of magma is in rich silica. Usually, this process is done near the mountain building areas. The stone color shows that it's created in hard silica and formed with rapidly cooled lava.

Obsidian Gemstone Meaning

Its dark black shade represents the stone's hardness and strong power to protect it from negative energies. Obsidian gemstone meaning protection, power, and energy. The stone is associated with all power links to the body. All these meanings of the stone show that obsidian is a powerful and strong gemstone and this is why it's popular among other gemstones that belong to the same properties.

Obsidian is used to unlock luck and it has strong abilities to open new opportunities for its wearers. The stone stands out unique by its darkest shade and it’s a reason for its high use in jewellery.

Healing Properties of Obsidian Gemstone

The use of this gemstone brings various positive changes in life. It is associated with strength and financial power. moreover, the gemstone beauty is an additional charm to consider for jewellery. These mentioned benefits are strongly connected with gem and its wearers can get benefits from obsidian power.

Protection From Negative Energies: Negative energies impact badly on individuals. These energies are harmful to business and relations. Wearing obsidian stone gives protection from negative energies. It is used to attract positivity and good fortune.

Ability to Release Emotions: Wearing stone encourage abilities and emotion to express in a right way. The stone is known to build confidence improve communication and help to expose emotions and feelings to the right person.

Physical Strength: Obsidian gemstones have enough abilities to power up the body and give strength to compete in a successful race. For a hard-working person obsidian is the greatest stone to use for protection from weakness and demotivation.

Open Spiritual Blockage: The gemstone is associated with spiritual benefits and opens the spiritual blockage of its wearers. Along with other spirituality benefits obsidian encourages positivity and enhances abilities to listen to your inner voice.

Reduce Stress: Obsidian is linked with strong mental peace and the use of this stone provides mental comfort and diverts the mind from bad things. It helps in building new links and bringing joy and happiness to relax the nervous system.

Encourage Personal Growth: It must be great for you to learn that obsidian brings good fortune and is associated with success. Having the stone close to your body provides guidance that leads to success and improves your work. It makes personality impressive and motivates the mind to achieve goals.

Obsidian Gemstone Price Per Carat

Obsidian is not an expensive gemstone. The stone is available for around $5 to $20 per carat. At this cheapest price, a person can receive amazing benefits from the stone. It is commonly demanded for the strongest encourage abilities and power of chakra.

How To Use Obsidian Gemstone

Its high standards caught attention. Obsidian is a stone belonging to power that attracts everyone. There are multiple ways to use this gem. Usually, it is used in rings, but it can be featured in bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings as well. However, if a person doesn’t want to show up the stone it can be kept in a bag or under the pillow at night. It is also linked with peaceful and deep sleeping that helps to relax the mind.