Amethyst Stone Benefits, Cost, Colors And Types Of Gemstone
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Amethyst Stone Benefits, Cost, Colors And Types Of Gemstone

Gemstone specialties and benefits bring various changes in its wearers. Today we will discuss Amethyst stone's benefits, colors, types, and how much it costs in the market. The gemstone is popular in semi-precious stones because of its healing properties and natural shine. Using stone in jewellery items is an old tradition but it still has high value in modern traditional jewellery. The unique shade of purple is rare in gemstone. Meanwhile, its healing properties is an additional attraction in the stone.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

Amethyst stone is popular because of its rich color and benefits for health and wealth. The unique shade color brings various benefits to its wearers. The gemstone has special value. The benefits of this stone included:

  • For women, amethyst stone is beneficial to balance hormones.
  • The stone is good for improving the immune system.
  • It helps to control overwhelming and bring mental calm.
  • The stone is believed to be good for eyes and skin as it helps to protect skin from allergies.
  • It helps to open the mind to new ideas and improve clarity to learn things.
  • Helps to reduce stress and protect from negative energies.

Amethyst Stone Cost

The stone is valuable because of its unique color. In price, it's available at $20 to $150 per carat. Using this stone in gold jewellery can increase its price. this is the best stone to gift someone at a reasonable price.

Amethyst Stone Ring Benefits

Wearing amethyst stone bring a lot of benefits for health and grooming. Amethyst stone ring is very popular with women because of its unique color. It looks stunning in all jewellery items. but gemstones are popular for rings. Wearing an amethyst ring brings these benefits:

  • It’s an easy way to keep it close to the skin for benefits.
  • It protects against negative energies.
  • Amethyst ring attracts love.
  • Help to clear things and open mind.
  • Protect from accidents and danger.
  • Its relaxing qualities bring mental calm and reduce stress.
  • For sleeping the stone is best to wear for peaceful dreams.

Amethyst Lucky Stone

Amethyst has a significant attraction for luck. It improves concentration power which helps to gain confidence. The a strong belief that this stone is good for building strong relationships and close to positive energies. Its ability to away negative energies helps in growth and wealth. The benefit of keeping negative energies away will close a person to good fortune.

Amethyst Stone Benefits For Money

The stone has the power to bring wealth. It’s a lucky stone which means business growth. If you are suffering from loss amethyst can help to improve your financial condition. Its wearer can receive unexpected growth and wealth. Amethyst brings opportunities through different ways and improves thinking to focus on achievement. It helps to give the power to earn more.

Amethyst Stone Meaning

The strong meaning of amethyst is peace, clarity, good fortune, peaceful dreams, and reduced mental stress. The stone gives various benefits so we can named it for multiple benefits.

Amethyst Stone In Urdu

In Urdu it's known as Ba-Quwat. Ba-quwat is for those who experience a lot of anger in routine life. It helps to reduce anger and give mental calm. The stone is also used for good memory and to keep things in mind for a long time.

Amethyst Stone In Hindi

Amethyst have different meanings in different languages. In Hindi its is known as Katela and Jamuniya. The name Jamuniya is because of its color. It is believed that wearing the Jamuniya stone improves the ability to think and realize responsibilities seriously. Jamuniya is good for get rid from bad addictions like alcohol, or any bad habit that can be harmful to health.

Amethyst Stone Benefits In Islam

Gemstones have special value in Islam. Amethyst has to special value in the Islamic perspective. It believes that the stone helps to protect its wearer from negative energies. It helps to bring awareness of bad and good deeds and improve the life cycle according to Islam. Amethyst give strength

Amethyst Stone Benefits Astrology

As per astrology amethyst benefits the profession of physicians, scientists, scholars, and mathematicians. For working women and men it helps to bring calm and improve thinking. Give strength to improve position and ability to achieve goals. It is beneficial for:

  • Amethyst is a good stone for a profession linked with research.
  • Its improves thinking and clears things.
  • Reduce stress and bring mental calm.
  • Improve confidence.

Side Effects Of Wearing Amethyst Stone

Wear gemstones after consulting with the specialist. Wearing a stone without consultation causes to dangerous side effects like:

  • Can be cause of brain weakness and affects one side body arms, legs, and face.
  • It can be harmful to eye vision and trouble seeing.
  • If it's not suitable for wearer it can cause of nausea, dizziness, and chest pain.


What does amethyst protect you from?

Its protects for stress and anxiety.

Who should wear amethyst stone?

Amethyst is a birthstone for February and any one of this born month can wear it to receive strength and to improve mental health.

Does amethyst bring good luck?

It’s a popular stone for luck and improves in wealth.

What is amethyst power?

It’s a powerful stone to give strength and improve confidence.

Who Cannot wear amethyst?

The stone is not good for people who are prone to violence.

Is amethyst safe to wear everyday?

It can be worn every day to attract love and good fortune.