Zircon Gemstone Benefits, Price, Rings, And Value
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Zircon Gemstone Benefits, Price, Rings, And Value

Zircon gemstone is known for its beauty and flawless shine. Zircon stone jewellery is very popular in women. The great astrological benefits of gemstones attract men as well. Colorless Zircone and diamonds have almost come same properties the major difference between these two gemstones is priced. Zircon can be found at a low price whereas diamond is a precious stone available at a high price. Let’s explore the benefits, price, value, and ring design of zircon gemstone. Natural zircon comes in different colors.

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone

The gemstone is known for its luxurious charm, sparkle, and brilliance. It is a most ancient gemstone and use is jewellery item as an alternative to diamonds. Diamonds are very expensive whereas zircon can give the same shine and sparkle at a low price. It has healing properties and is good to wear for benefits.

  • Zircon is helpful for marriage-related problems and helps to find a good marriage match.
  • Wearing zircon helpful balance hormones.
  • The stone is good to give speedy recovery from fever, insanity, lungs, and general respiratory issues.
  • The stone helps to improve the financial situation.
  • Natural zircon improves social relations and build confidence.
  • Zircon is good to wear for people who belong to creativity like it helps to improve art and writing skills.

Zircon Gemstone Price

Zircon's price depends on its quality and color. The most expensive zircon is Blue Cambodian available at price of $250 to $500 per carat. Natural zircon is available in the market between $50 to $200 per carat.

Zircon Stone Meaning

Zircon is known for its various benefits for daily life. It's known for providing guidance when needed. It helps overcome sensitive emotions. The gemstone brings positivity and motivates us to achieve the target. It helps to find the right direction to achieve the target. The most known useful of this stone is it helps to create strong relations with good people.

Colors of Zircon

Zircon available in various colors. Colorless zircon is very popular for jewelry items because of its brilliance and attraction like a diamond.









Brown (brown comes in various shade of dark and light brown color)

Zircon Rings Style

The highly classified zircon is used in special rings and is available at an expensive price. it has three standards high classified, medium, and low. High-classified zircon rings are very popular with women and contain special shine to attract. Zircon used in different styles of rings.

Princess Cut Zircon Ring

Princess cut ring style with zircon stone is very popular. Zircon contains a special sparkle and featuring a princess cut ring this stone looks stunning. Princess cut rings are usually designed with a large size of zircon in the shape if a square and various small size stones around the zircon.

Band Style Ring

Band-style rings are usually designed in single color small or medium-sized stones all around the band.

Five Stone Ring

Featuring five stones on a band with the same sequence looks stunning. Five-stone ring designs with the same color stones in same size.

Vintage Style Ring

Vintage ring design with multiple small stones around the single vertical shape stone. to prominent the center stone shine a bunch of three stones at the side of the zircon looks beautiful.

Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are special. Usually designed with a single drop-shaped stone and a small stone around it.

Side Effects of Zircon Gemstone

Zircon is one of the oldest stones and contains various benefits but it has some side effects for humans if overuse. Its luxurious sparkle attracts in jewellery items but it is not good for everyone and not for overuse.

  • The stone helps to focus on material goods. The overuse of stone can build a habit of being too focused on material gain.
  • It helps to boost confidence which may cause of build arrogance in behavior.
  • The overuse of stone can be a cause of sensitivity and creates confusion about things.


Who cannot wear zircon?

Zircon is not good to wear for Leo people.

Zircon is good for sleeping?

It helps to sleep peacefully and protect from nightmares.

Does Zircon effect you in a bad way?

Zircon is not for everyone. It can be caused of skin allergy.

What is Zircon Birth Month?

Zircon is the birthstone of December.