Opal Gemstone Benefits, Value, Colors And Types Of Stone
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Opal Gemstone Benefits, Value, Colors And Types Of Stone

Opal gemstone is known for its energy and unique shade. The stone looks pretty in jewellery items, enhancing its demand for jewellery design for special events. Apart from jewellery opal belongs to special benefits that help its wearers. In this article, will explain how opal is good to wear daily and how it could increase strength to focus on work.

Opal is a popular stone for jewellery items because of its unique shine and cheap price. Gemstones have a special attraction for jewellery and the best benefit is gemstones can be used in both men's and women both jewellery items.

Opal Stone Specialties

Opal is the most spectacular stone. It is a popular stone for jewellery items like rings, earrings, and pendants. The astrological specialties have made it an eye-catching stone to wear. Opal’s amazing dazzling of spectrums of color has made it popular and precious. The stone has amazing specialties:

  • Wonderful reflection which makes it special and unique.
  • Opal is available in different shapes and colors to fix in jewellery.
  • Faceted fire opal looks like diamond stone.
  • Every color of opal looks unique in its own way.
  • Its unique hues, vibrant flashes, and beautiful patterns have a special attraction.

How Much Opal Gemstone Cost

Gemstone prices vary as per the stone stone color and clearance. White opal is available at a cost of $10 to $100 per carat. White is a very common color in Opal. Black Opal is very popular and has special value that’s why this stone price is around $50 to $500 per carat. The rest of the colors in Opal are available according to the stone clearance.

Colors Available In Opal Stone

Every single color of Opal looks unique to use in jewellery. women who really love diamonds but cannot buy them due to their high price can choose opal gemstone. It comes in different colors:

White opal

Gray opla

Pink opal

Red opla

Blue opal

Orange opal

Yellow opal

Greem opal

Black opal (unique and expensive opal)

Benefits of Opal Stone

The stone is known for its amazing benefits. Opal gemstone belong to healing properties of mental and physical health. One who wears opal can achieve goals and boost energy with the help of gemstone. These benefits are linked with opal gemstone:

  • It helps to balance emotions and control sensitiveness.
  • Opal is known to encourage creativity. Its good for people linked with arts as it helps to improve creativity and imagination.
  • It helps to overcome from bad thinking.
  • The stone is well-known to improve relationships and develop positivity for each other. It builds understanding.
  • Wearing opal helps to improve your behavior and cause happiness and balance in life.
  • Opal is known to bring good fortune.
  • It helps in kidney functions and helps in kidney diseases.
  • Opal improves social relations and improves confidence in grounded.

Who Can Wear Opal Gemstone

Anyone who likes the beauty and elegance of Opal can wear this stone. If anyone looking for a birthstone Opal is the birthstone for October. However, there is no specific restriction to wear this stone.

Opal Gemstone Rings

Opal stone can be feature in any shape. Opal stone rings are popular in women.

Halo Ring

Halo ring style is very popular for gemstone rings. Opal looks stunning in a halo ring because of the pretty shine of the stone. It's usually designed with a center-over-size halo shape opal with small stones surrounding the opal.

Oval Shape Ring

Opal stone can be shaped in any design. Oval shape opal with a combination of small stones looks beautiful. Usually oval-shaped stone with small stones surrounding is popular design.

Vintage Style Ring

Vintage ring designs usually have with single stone at the center and multiple small stones around the stone and also on the band look stunning. Vintage rings are designed for special events like engagements and weddings.

Twist Ring

A single stone ring with twisted small stones around the opal looks beautiful. A single opal stone at the center and any other color small opal stones in a twist style look more beautiful.

Three Stone Ring

Uniform shape three-stone rings can be used to gift someone special. This style can be paired with love ones.

Opal Side Effects

It's important to consult with a specialist before wearing any gemstone. Opal gemstone also contain multiple side effects.

  • Its affects relations with partners and decreases love for each other.
  • It can affect friendship and blood relations.
  • Opal is not good to wear at weddings.


What is Opal Birth Month?

Opal is a birthstone for October.

Opal is good for sleeping?

Opal is good for peaceful sleep and help to overcome on fear.

Which is good finger for Opal?

Its good to wear in right hand’s middle finger for positive effects.

Is opal a powerful stone?

Opal builds confidence and strengthens to achieve goals.