Apatite Stone Benefits, Price, Birthstone, and Who Can Wear
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Apatite Stone Benefits, Price, Birthstone, and Who Can Wear

Apatite stones come from a group of apatite minerals. The stone has come from very interesting facts. Converting the raw apatite into a crystal-shine stone includes mining, crushing, grinding, sizing, and magnetic separation.

Magnetic separation is the final process in which the stone is separated from the mineral and prepared to be delivered to its final destination for sale. Finding the Apatite stone is not an easy way. The stone comes after the hard effort of engineers. It includes exploring the deposits, mining plans, open-pit mining, underground mining, extraction, crushing and grinding, and manufacturing. These steps play a crucial role in extracting the gemstone from the soil. We will discuss the further process in this article.

Apatite Stone Exploration and Extraction

The apatite stone exploration process includes geographical surveys and different exploration activities and signs to find where the deposits of apatite stone. Different modern machines are used to identify the ore bodies to get signs of apatite deposits.

Once the ore bodies or any sign click the next step is mining plan. It required a proper team of engineers with the help of drilling machines and different techniques used to reach the destination of deposits. Mining planning helps to identify the size of minerals, depth, and surrounding environment. The deposit extraction process of stone is very interesting. This is the most critical process. It requires engineers and geographical help. Large drills and explosives use to remove the soil, rocks and other hard materials around the mineral.

After the extraction of deposits, it come to the labs for crushing and grinding. Crushing and grinding separated the mineral and final stone find out. The lab engineers are experts in separating the apatite from other minerals. After clearing the other minerals different colors of apatite stone come out. After all this process the size of the stone becomes small and this is the actual stone that goes to the market for further cutting and designing.

Meaning of Apatite Stone

The most useful meaning of this stone is to reduce appetite and encourage insight. Apatite has different healing properties. Wearing apatite helps in different ways to achieve goals, get success, and increase concentration on work life.

Apatite Stone Birth Month

Gemstones are specified with birth months. and astrological belief is that stone can give positive benefits only for the right person of stone. As per the astrological belief, Apatite is birth stone for March.

Apatite Stone Benefits

Gemstones are popular for their great physical and mental properties. apatite is not only worn because of its crystal shine but also worn of its benefits for health and wealth.

Decrease Appetite: The stone is believed to decrease appetite and increase strength.

Improve Creativity: apatite stone is good for artists as it improves creativity and enhances their abilities to make work more creative and attractive.

Encourage Concentration: Growth chances are high with apatite stone as it improves concentration on work.

Improve Love Life: For love life, the balance apatite stone is beneficial and enhances understanding and develops politeness for a partner.

Confidence and Communication: Wearing apatite improves self-confidence and improve communication skills. Both skills help to be grounded at the center of attention.

Mental Peace: Mental peace is important to concentrate on work life and balance routine responsibilities.

Price and Value

The price of apatite stone depends on color and clarity. Brazil blue apatite is the most expensive stone available around $150 per carat. Usually apatite stone is available for around $50 to $400 per carat.

Spiritual Meaning of Apatite Stone

The stone is thought to build spirituality which helps to make yourself helpful to others. Spirituality builds peace and strength to help others and make yourself polite to others. Also, it improves talking ways and increases a sense of humor to understand the problems of surroundings. It reduces arrogance.


What is apatite stone good for?

Apatite is good for love life, mental peace, and increased self-confidence.

What is the spiritual meaning of blue apatite?

Encourage them to help other and understand the problems of other people.

Is apatite a valuable stone?

The stone is valuable as it improves health and is good for wealth as well.

Is apatite good for luck?

It brings good fortune to its wearers.

Is apatite good for sleep?

Sleep while wearing apatite is not harmful whilst it helpful for lucid dreaming.

How can you tell if Apatite is real?

Original apatite stone rank 5-6 on Mos scale and its non-magnetic.