Aqeeq Stone Benefits And Who Can Wear Agate Stone
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Aqeeq Stone Benefits And Who Can Wear Agate Stone

Let’s explore the amazing properties of aqeeq stone benefits. The stone is popular in jewellery items because of its pretty attraction but its strong healing properties attract humans to wear stone for benefits. Aqeeq stone benefits include to give strength and power. the stone is not specific for anyone special. It gives benefits to everyone and belongs to good fortune.

Men and women both can wear agate stone there is no restriction to wear the stone. Before wearing the stone it's good to know the details of aqeeq stone benefits. So, you can feel the result of the stone by wearing it for regular life.

What Is Aqeeq Stone?

Aqeeq is a very popular stone because of its beauty and benefits. The stone is very popular in semi-precious gemstones. It's considered in the group of gemstones created naturally and belongs to long history. In Turkish Aqeeqe is known as Agate stone.

Aqeeq Stone Benefits

Aqeeq stone has various benefits and gives strength in various ways. Aqeeq stone benefits close everyone to the stone as it's not harmful to anyone. There are very less stones that help everyone and not for specific persons.

  • It helps to guide on the right path and away from sins.
  • Aqeeq helps to improve mental condition.
  • Aqeeq protects from sudden accidents and works like a shield.
  • It boosts energy and capacity to work hard.
  • Wearing aqeeq protects from the evil eye.
  • Aqeeq helps to reduce stress and balance emotions.
  • It bring good fortune and bring happiness.
  • Wearing aqeeq help to brighten skin and get rid of skin allergies.

Aqeeq Stone Healing Properties

Aqeeq stone presence in one’s life will give shield protection. The stone’s strong healing properties help in different ways to protect from diseases.

  • Wearing aqeeq stone benefits dissolving the heart and controlling emotions.
  • It helps in the digestive system.
  • Aqeeq helps with eye pain and improves view.
  • The stone improves concentration and give mental peace.

Colors of Aqeeq Stone

The stone comes in a dark shade. The most popular color in aqeeq stone is green. It comes in range of colors:

  • Green aqeeq
  • Brown aqeeq
  • White aqeeq
  • Purple aqeeq
  • Smoky aqeeq
  • Honey aqeeq
  • Orange aqeeq
  • Blue aqeeq

Aqeeq Stone Price

Aqeeq's price depends on the stone's quality, clearance, and uniqueness. Aqeeq's price start from $10 to $200. The stone is unique and its economical price enhances its value and demand.

Islamic Meaning of Aqeeq Stone

In Islamic perspective, aqeeq is a well-known stone with its great benefits. The stone boots energy. It is believed that there are trees of aqeeq in heaven. Aqeeq is a strong stone wearing this stone builds spirituality in personality. It is also believed that wearing aqeeq will protect from negative energies and help to away from sins. It will help individuals to be close to Allah and follow the Islamic line.

Who Can Wear Aqeeq Stone

The stone is not harmful to anyone. Anyone can wear the stone to receive its strong healing properties. commonly the stone used by the Shia sec of Islam. Aqeeq is the birthstone of May but it can be worn by any person.


Is Aqeeq good to luck?

Aqeeq open mind to clear things and helps to grow up.

Which sect of Islam most use Aqeeq?

Shia sec of Islam have close feelings with aqeeq and believe in wearing it for protection and good fortune.

Which finger recommender for Aqeeq?

Its recommended that the middle finger is good to wear aqeeq ring.