Gem Chrysocolla Stone Meaning Value Properties and Jewelry
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Gem Chrysocolla Stone Meaning Value Properties and Jewelry

Gem chrysocolla is associated with the silica mineral group. Its pretty shine makes its strong link with the copper mineral. It is often found in copper minerals such as malachite, azurite, and cuprite. The gemstone is popular because of its prettiest color. Its vibrant blue-green shade reminds the memory of turquoise gemstone.

The stone is used in a wide range of jewellery because of its unique appearance. Gem chrysocolla is one of the most famous precious gemstones for its healing properties. the well-known appearance of gemstones valued its presence in jewellery at large places. Stone rings, bracelets, and necklaces are a high choice for jewelry for special events.

Gem Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla's name comes from Greek which divides the name of gemstone into two words “chrysos” means “gold” and “kolla” means “glue”.

The ultimate power of the stone is known for its plenty of meaning. The closest meaning of gem chrysocolla is intuition, it builds a sense of humor to find out the right path, builds abilities to face truth, and wearing stone encourages sincerity which helps to improve relationships. In light of these meaning it confirms it has made strong sense to use stone for jewellery and wear to keep life on track.

The stone history belongs to polite, kind, and sincere people. It has brought many changes to its wear and its meaning has been valued by its believers.

Metaphysical Properties

Gemstone appearance is the second option of its use the first one is strong properties that make attraction. No doubt gem chrysocolla is one of the prettiest stones and its color attraction is ultimate. But we cannot ignore the stone's powerful properties.

Promote Calm: Calm is necessary to move on the success and to learn things with clarity. Lost mental peace puts a person in various troubles and distributes the overall life cycle.

Improve Communication: communication skills are important to make your presence in the community valuable. Moreover, communication improvement is indeed helpful to success in a career.

Enhance Energy: Energy gives strength to the body and promotes motivation. Strength is important for hard work and success in life. Illness leads to the negativity in body and reduces the power to do hard work.

Encourage Love: Love is important for mental peace. Wearing chrysocolla stone helps to promote love and balance relationships. It encourages understanding between two persons.

Build Self-Awareness: gem chrysocolla is known for its strongest metaphysical property bring the ability to focus on yourself. It promotes actions, thoughts, and thinking about others.

Guidance Towards Direction: it is thought that chrysocolla gives the right guidance and helps to see the clear directions.

Encourage Clarity: Mental clarity helps to reduce confusion. Keeping the stone helps to reduce confusion and clear the mind to see reality.

Rough Shape of Chrysocolla Gemstone

Gem chrysocolla rough shape is very different from the stone we have seen in jewellery. The stone mining process gives us a rough gemstone that comes with minerals. Chrysocolla composes with the reaction of silica and it’s a part of copper minerals. The grinding process of a gemstone separates it from minerals and then it goes to the process of edges and cuts. It is very difficult to recognize the stone in rough shape because it's like a rock found from the depths of the earth.


The stone is available at different prices according to its clearance and shine. The best price of stone is around $50 to $700 per carat.

Chrysocolla Jewelry

Choosing chrysocolla jewellery would be the best choice for long-lasting jewellery. the stone has long-lasting durability in jewellery. The stone is used in various jewellery items and can be customized in different shapes and cuts.

1.      Bracelet

The stone can be featured in different cuts to make the jewellery beautiful and elegant.

Single Stone Bracelet

Single-stone bracelets are usually designed with a single large-size stone at the center of a bracelet. This enhances the bracelet's look and can be used casually.

Tennis Style Bracelet

Featuring small size stones is round shape looks elegant. Tennis-style chrysocolla bracelets look elegant with stone in the same size.

Beaded Style Bracelet 

Beaded style bracelet design with same sizes many stones features in round shape.

2.      Earrings

The stone comes in a variety of cuts, round, square, and small tiny size stones to enhance the appearance of jewellery.

Square Shape

Square-shaped studs style earrings look very elegant. Gem chrysocolla square earrings feature with single stone in a square cut in a medium size.

Boho style

Boho-style earrings are usually designed with multiple small-size chrysocolla stones in straight lines combined with large-size stones.

Drop Shape

Drop-shaped chrysocolla earrings are designed with a single stone that looks pretty to use for special events.

3.      Ring

Gemstone rings are a special choice for engagement, gift, and wedding. Gem chrysocolla rings come in various styles.

Halo Style

Halo-style rings usually feature a single oval shape stone.

Traditional Style

The stone belongs to the long history that makes it appearance prominent for traditional style rings. In this style a single stone features in a ring and ring design with special cuts and design.

Drop Shape

A single drop-shaped cut stone looks elegant in a platinum and gold ring.