Heliodor Stone Healing Properties, Use, Price, And Meaning
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Heliodor Stone Healing Properties, Use, Price, And Meaning

Heliodor stone, a very rare stone name we have heard but belongs to strong healing properties. Heliodor stone is a member of the beryl family linked with emerald and aquamarine gemstones. This stone is not popular like the other group members but is known for its possession and captivating beauty.

This stone contains special characteristics and is known for its high transparency, allowing light to pass through with minimal abstraction. Heliodor is not a stone with huge popularity but its crystal appearance in jewellery is a charm for everyone. Its unique color range from pale yellow to golden yellow gives the finest attraction in jewellery. It might be true that we don’t heard the name of stone commonly, but we must see this stone in various jewellery collection use for special events.

Let’s discuss the amazing characters and facts about the heliodor stone

Heliodor Stone Meaning

Heliodor is the most precious form of beryl. The name heliodor comes from Greek words that mean “helios” and “doron” which means gift from the sun. The vibrant brilliant shade of stone resemble with  sun and its meaning is a gift of the sun. because of these two facts, the stone's strong meanings are brightness, brilliance, and a special attraction.

While going into more depth the stone's meanings are different. It is associated with an attraction that enhances the quality and improves abilities to prove yourself intelligent and hard working.

Heliodor Stone Healing Properties

Heliodor gemstone is considered for special purposes but its use is very conscious. Its strong properties benefit a different way to a strong person for decision-making.

Improve Decision-Making: Wearing stones is believed to give wisdom in decision-making and indicate the right direction.

Balance On Emotions: The stone helps to control emotions and gives strength to not make decisions on emotions. Encourage the ability to see a clear view.

Aid to Liver, spleen, and Pancreas: Heliodor is a strong gemstone to aid different diseases. The stone work as an medication to liver, spleen, and pancreas diseases.

Improve Digestive System: Heliodor is thought to help in the digestive system and shield from different attacks like nausea, diarrhea, jaundice, and small intestine.

Improve Heart: For heart pain and blockage, heliodor stone is good to keep close to your skin to reduce pain and help in vein blockage.

Improve Blood Circulation: Blood circulation helps to control high blood pressure.

Encourage Sense Of Hope: Wearing stone improves hope and encourages self-motivation.

How To Use Heliodor Gemstone

The stone can be used in different ways. It can be used in jewellery items such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings. Rings and pendants are most favorite heliodor stone jewellery items used by women for centuries. Moreover, the strong healing power of stone valued of its in jewellery and encourage its use.

Heliodor Gemstone Price Per Carat

Heliodore gemstone is not an expensive stone. the stone is usually available around $30 to $200 per carat. The price depends on the quality and weight of the stone.

Side Effects of Heliodor Stone

Heliodor gemstone not only belongs to positive effects. But it also contains side effects that’s why precautions while wearing stone is necessary to protect yourself. Here are the serious consequences of stone that might affect someone.

  • The stone contains serious side effects regarding health issues, as its works for different healing properties that might adverse other issues in the body.
  • Heliodore stone's strong energies might cause financial losses and reduce money circulation.
  • Do not wear stone without consulting with gemstone specialist because it might cause of body damage and accidents.


Is heliodor stone good for sleeping?

Heliodor stone contain special healing properties that are not harmful while sleeping.

Is heliodor an expensive stone?

Heliodor is not an expensive stone its available at $30 per carat.

Heliodor gemstone birth month?

Heliodor is not specifically for birth month but it consider for November and stone can be wear by anyone.

Heliodor stone meaning?

It’s meaning is gift from sun.