Tanzanite Stone Origins, Benefits, Price Per Carat, And Uses
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Tanzanite Stone Origins, Benefits, Price Per Carat, And Uses

Tanzanite stone contains a special attraction for its unique vibrant charm. The gemstone stands high due to its charm and brilliance. Tanzanite stone e is unique in its availability. This is a stone catch attraction due to its beautiful shade. It comes in three different shades but all are unique in gemstones. It is available in blue, violet, and burgundy.

 In this article, we will explain the beauty and amazing fact about its formation and found. The stone has special benefits for its wear and its rare availability makes it more unique.

Tanzanite Stone Origins

Tanzanite origin makes it more unique because it's only found at one location. The stone was first found in 1967 in the Mererani Hills of the Manyana Region of Northern Tanzania. It's named basically because of its only one location.

The stone forms when tectonic plate movement starts under high heat temperature levels Mount Kilimanjaro formation began at the same time tanzanite mineral format. There is no other location of stone has been found yet. The unique tanzanite mineral is also found near Kilimanjaro.

The unique crystal form of tanzanite mineral begins with extreme temperature and subsequent cooling of ingenious rocks along with high-level pressure. This is the rich form of crystal that’s available at most high prices.

Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite stone's renowned benefits play a special part in its uniqueness and demand. It is associated with serious healing properties and benefits for individuals for financial growth and other success purposes.

Build Spirituality: Wearing stone helps to build spirituality that encourage softness for others. It promotes inner feelings to help poor people and make themselves down to earth.

Strengthen Immune System: Immune system strength makes the overall body perfect and gives strength to focus on life goals. Immune system strength also protects from various diseases.

Protect From Negative Energies: Tanzanite stone is believed to protect from negative energies and shiel from black-magic and evil eye.

Reduce Stress: Mental peace brings new ideas to mind and puts focus on creativity. Wearing stone provide mental peace and helps to reduce stress.

Balance Emotions: Overwhelming is not good for nervous and mental health. It causes various problems and builds negative thoughts. Wearing tanzanite stone balances emotions and controls the mind to decide on emotions.

Encourage Kindness: Tanzanite stone heals self-arrogance and encourages kindness. It builds abilities to use kindness to others and help people in their surroundings.

Tanzanite Stone Price Per Carat

Tanzanite stone's uniqueness and crystal appearance increase its value in other gemstones. Rich tanzanite stone is available for around $200 to $300 per carat. Additionally, some tanzanite types are available for around $100 to $200.

Tanzanite Stone Uses

Gemstone looks elegant in jewellery and tanzanite stone contains special charm that enhances the beauty of jewellery. tanzanite rings are considered for special events like engagement rings. The combination of tanzanite gemstone with white diamonds looks amazing. The stone is used in jewellery because it's an easy and gorgeous way to keep it close and attract the benefits for daily life.

Tanzanite stone is used in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. The care of stone is very important because it can be scratched or cracked with other jewellery items. keep the stone separate from other jewellery items and cover it in soft fabric.

Side Effects

The stone formates through the extreme heat temperature. Gemstones are considered for good benefits due to the formation process and other factors like color and type. But side effects are also associated with stones that are important to consider. Tanzanite is associated with these side effects which might cause serious troubles.

  • The stone believe to reduce mental stress that might cause lethargy and encourage demotivation.
  • The stone might bring up repressed feelings and wake the memories that belong to the worst.
  • Its makes the mind active for thoughts that might cause to not make you forget bad memories and motivate you to move on.


Is Tanzanite good for sleeping?

It helps in peaceful and deep sleep.

What is the tanzanite stone birth month?

Tanzanite birth month is December.

How powerful is tanzanite stone?

The stone promote spirituality, enhance communication skills, and strengthen to immune system.

What makes tanzanite so special?

Tanzanite is a rare available stone and is found from small part that makes it so special.