Moonstone Real Vs Fake: How To Find Out Real Gemstone?
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Moonstone Real Vs Fake: How To Find Out Real Gemstone?

Identifying moonstone real vs fake is not a difficult task. Gemstones are often modified and duplicated through modern equipment but real can be identified. Moonstone has been popular and identified in other gemstones because of its unique properties and shine. The stone's shine and unique healing properties are the cause of its obsession for its users. But making sure the moonstone is real vs fake is important to enjoy the true benefits of stone. Let’s find out how to identify the moonstone real vs fake.

How Do I Know If My Moonstone Is Real?

To find out the real moonstone, must check all nearby gemstone dealers. The gemstone market offers a wide range of stones and real gemstone dealers are always popular in the market. Fame and advertisement are important in the gemstone market. Gemstones are not cheap price stones. If you find a moonstone at a very low price compared to the market it means this is not a real moonstone. The origins of moonstone are India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, America, and Europe as well. The stone available in our jewellery items is not real. The original condition of the stone is crystal. It comes in crystal and then becomes a beautiful piece of jewellery after mining.

How Can I Test My Moonstone At Home?

Mineral are contain special shine but these are not very shiny and brighter. To recognize the real moonstone close it to your naked eye or use a magnifying glass, and you will see it have made with impurities and inclusions. The real moonstone comes with less uniform color and is vivid.

On the other hand, fake moonstones contain a brighter shine, and bright color. If you are still unable to see the real moonstone facts through the naked eye. Visit the expert shop to identify the stone reality.

How Does Moonstone Look Like?

The stone come in a wide range of color family. You can find the colorless moonstone to bright color. The stone in jewellery items is used to enhance the value of jewellery. It comes in white, crystal, brown, green, grey, pink, rainbow, white, yellow, and grey to black. The color family of moonstones belongs to unique healing properties for its wearers.

Does Moonstone Actually Glow?

Moonstone is available in a variety of colors. Every color looks elegant and unique in jewellery. the stone comes with a specific shine but it does not shine like crystal or other precious gemstones such as ruby, emerald, or sapphire. It’s a clear transparent stone that contains a solid shine. Its amazing colors range attract jewellery in gold and platinum.

What Are Fake Moonstones Made Of?

Fake gemstones are available in huge variety. Those who cannot afford the original gemstone may buy a fake gemstone. Moonstone is also available in fake stones variety. It is made of by a popular plastic material. Real gemstones is quite well because of healing properties. However, fake stone can be used to enhance the value of jewellery items. because of unique color approach stone are  popular choice in jewellery.

Which Colour Moonstone Is Best?

In the wide range of moonstone color, the most demanded color is colorless with a blue sheen. The uniqueness of this stone mesmerizes every to its attraction. This is the most valuable stone and used in jewellery items in high demand. Colorless with a blue sheen stone used for engagement rings, wedding rings, gift pendants, and different bracelets and necklaces.



Are moonstone expensive?

Moonstone price depends on color and clearance. It is not an expensive gemstone.

Do moonstones crack easily?

Care is must of original gemstone. Moonstone is made with soft mineral and can be crack easily.

Is it OK to wear a moonstone everyday?

Its positive energies are good to wear for everyday.

Why is moonstone so cheap?

This is a not expensive stone because of its availability in a wide range.

Can moonstone go in water?

There is no harm for stone in water.

Does moonstone bring luck?

Its known to bring good fortune and enhance the ability to improve communication skills.

Can I wear moonstone to bed?

Moonstone is thought to bring peaceful dream and help in dream fear.