Red Diamond Gemstone Expensive And Rarest Diamond
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Red Diamond Gemstone Expensive And Rarest Diamond

The most expensive and rare red diamond gemstone is popular for its extraordinary shine. Red diamond gemstones are very rare in the world and has the most special value. its pure red color and extraordinary shine have leveled up the gemstone value in other diamonds. Red diamonds is not common and not available easily in the market. The stone is specifically used by rich people of the world.

Let's explore this most expensive gemstone and learn about its properties and facts that make it an expensive and precious choice.

Red Diamond Price

Red diamonds comes in different shades of red and price are vary accordingly. But light and dark all shades of this stone are very expensive. The purple undertone diamond is the most expensive and price falls usually by $400,000. Whereas the price of secondary orange and brown is less. Additionally, the 1 carat red diamond price starts from $1 million for 1 carat. Stay here for the highest price “Red Moussaieff Diamond” the largest red diamond gemstone in the world which worth is $20 million.

Red Diamond Name

When it comes to different shades red diamond name changes. But the pure and genuine red diamond is known as Moussaieff Red Diamond, a “triangle cut” or “trilliant cut” shape diamond. Because of tis rare availability and expensive price the stone belongs to rich people. However, it’s a dream of many women to wear jewelry items but the price of this stone is not affordable.

Where Are Red Diamonds Found

Red diamond gemstone is not commonly available. Its most source of every year is Argyle mine in Kimberely, Western Australia. However, the other sources include Brazil, Russia, and certain Africa countries. So, this stone is sourced by Australia every year.

Red Diamond Benefits

Red diamond is symbol of utmost power and passion. The red color is a symbol of love and has a strong connection in love life. When it comes to red diamond a rich stone it gives various benefits to its wearers.

  • Give strength and power.
  • Build passion to achieve goal.
  • Passionate for love.
  • Red color belongs to faith and purity.
  • Its builds positivity in attitude.

How Many Red Diamonds Are There

The fancy red color diamonds are extremely rare and available in the world. The major supply of red diamonds comes from Australia, Brazil, and Africa. Around on twenty to thirty red diamonds are available and most of them are in half carat weighs.

Facts About Red Diamond Gemstone

Red diamond are very rare only twenty to thirty pure red diamonds are exact. Let's explore the amazing facts about this precious gemstone. This rare availability is a secret of its highest demand and higher price. This long is only in ownership of the world’s richest persons.

  • Red diamonds have a special sparkle. It is formed by the pure carbon. The real red diamond shine is extraordinarily beautiful.
  • Red diamond is expensive because it is prominently red and has no secondary hue. This fact about red diamonds makes it so expensive. On the other hand, its rare availability is also a reason for its high price.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Why are red diamonds so special?

    The special shine of bright red makes its so special.

    Who owns red diamond in the world?

    Diamond investors and dealer own red diamond.

    Why are red diamonds so expensive?

    Red diamonds are very rare and red diamond has no secondary hue which makes its high price.

    What country has all the diamonds?

    Russia, Botswana, Angola, DR Congo, and South Africa are most known countries that offer diamonds.

    How rare is a red diamond?

    Only twenty to thirty red diamonds exist in the world.

    How many red diamonds are left?

    Around thirty red diamonds left in the world.

    How strong is red diamond?

    Red diamond is 10 mohs scale hard.