Ruby Stone Ring Ideas for Your Wedding and Engagement
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Ruby Stone Ring Ideas for Your Wedding and Engagement

Looking for Ruby stone ring idea? You got the best one’s now. Customize your wedding and engagement rings to symbolize the eternal bond you share with your partner.

The immemorial image of ruby stone is it’s a symbol of “Love”. It belongs to the special events and it could be designed according to your event needs. For brides and grooms ruby stone rings could play a long last memory role in the shape of ruby stone pair rings.

Design Inspirations for Your Ruby Ring

Rubies imagination belongs to the fiery design. The best part is you can make this stone customized in any shape. This could be designed and fixed in different styles of jewelry. Make it customized for different shapes of rings like Marquise cut, Pear cut, Princess cut, Oval cut, Radiant cut, round cut, trillion cut, Cushion cut, Assche cut, Emerald cut, heart cut, or any other in your mind.

1. Classic Solitaire Ruby Ring

The classic solitaire setting is timeless, focusing all attention on the beauty of a single ruby. Set in a simple band of gold or platinum.

2. Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

If you're after something that truly stands out, consider a ruby ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds. 

3. Vintage-Inspired Ruby Rings

For those who love a piece with history and character, a vintage-inspired ruby ring is the way to go. 

4. Ruby Three-Stone Ring

The three-stone ring symbolizes the past, present, and future, making it a meaningful choice for anniversaries or events. 

5. Ruby Birthstone Ring

For those born in July, a ruby birthstone ring is not only a personal piece but also a way to wear a bit of your identity. 

6. Bespoke Ruby Rings

For something truly unique, consider a bespoke ruby ring. This option allows you to be involved in the design process, from selecting the perfect ruby to choosing the setting and band that reflect your personal style. 

7. Queen Style Rings

This stone can be fixed in small accents or a prominent large-size stone. The specialty of Ruby is its look blooming in silver, and gold covers. With a center large piece of Ruby the combinations can be matched with small platinum diamonds around the large stone in different styles. It could be in vines around the ring or add two, two small-sized stones at side of large Ruby.

8. Trending Cluster Shape

The quantity of stones could be more in cluster style. The arrangement of stone could patterned in any shape of gems like oval, round, or princess cut. Around the stone, small diamonds could be featured for a beautiful presentation, and the number of small diamonds could be increased to give an elegant look.

9. Popular Square Shape

Bride could pair the ring with groom. It’s a good fortune for ladies that they can wear any shape of rings. Square-shape ring could be a better match with him. Stones can be designed on the upper. The most attractive quantity for this shape is 4 to 5 small-size stones. The additional benefit is Ruby could be adjusted with different color gems.

Customizing Your Symbol of Love

Customize your ruby ring for a big day in a unique style. Select your dream ring from a beautiful range of colors including deep, pinkish-red, fiery, and vibrant red. These stones could be cut and fixed in your required jewelry. the shine of stone looks vibrant in any shape of jewelry whether it is earrings, rings, pendants or in any specific gift form.

Ruby Stone Gold Ring Design

The setting of ruby gem with gold is a superb match. The gold shines prominent stone brightness. It would be the best choice for a wedding or engagement ring. Round and oval-shaped cut stone with a bunch of small stones looks more beautiful. The match of ruby stone with gold creates a timeless and stunning combination. Here are some inspirations of ruby stone ring designs:

Single Stone Rubies

A single oval, square, or princess-size stone paired with a golden ring looks pretty gorgeous. Dark ruby color would be the best choice for a single-stone ring in any shape. Small size square shape designs could be used for men's ruby rings for engagement. Similarly, this same style could be used for women's ruby rings.

Bunch Style Wearing

If you want to put many small-sized stones in a ring it would be possible with a great feature. The bunch-style small stone ring looks modern and elegant. For this type of design fiery ruby color gems would be a perfect match with a silver or gold combination. However, silver and gold are both suitable with ruby stones.

Ruby Ring for Bride And Groom

Wedding is the most memorable event for bride and groom, and for that day every pair wants to give each other a symbol of love to keep long last the memory of this beautiful day. As we know Ruby is a precious stone, so it would be used as a symbol of love to express the happiness and joy of the moment. For a wedding ruby ring stone with white gold or platinum sparkles the shine of gem. Customize the same ring with your partner to always keep in hands to remember each other love. Small size square shape designs could be use for men's ruby rings for engagement. Similarly this same style could be use for women ruby rings.

Modern Ruby Ring Trends

Striking a balance between timeless elegance with some modern touch. we will give you some hottest trends to inspire rings:

Geometric Shape Big Style

Geometric shapes stone rings took center stage of attention. With Ruby stone, it would look more elegant. Setting stone with sharp angels adds a modern look and prominent stone shine inside. Single stone in a geometric cut ring creates a sophisticated look and makes the statement bold and magnificent.

Rose Gold Metal Rings

Modern-style rings created appealing looks. Rose gold style is a most favorite one with a center ruby stone and small stones around it according to the shape of rose. Its modern vibes create a feminine look and could be the best choice for an engagement ring.

East-West Setting

If you want a truly unique look, try an east-west style ruby ring gold. In this style position stones at the left, and right sides of Ruby and put Ruby in a horizontal shape at the center. The color of side diamond could be white and this ring can be made in gold to enhance its shine.

Final Words For Ruby Stone Ring Ideas

These precious gems relate to special shine which makes it popular and chosen for special events. Its classy shine can be more dazzling when it's cut in different shapes and set for rings, pendants, and other shape of jewelry items. The specialty of royal stones is, that these can be design and fix according to the choices.

When it comes to gems, ruby stone preciousness cannot beat any other gem. It's royal choice and classic attraction beat the shine. Ruby stone rings belong to royal people's choices. Therefore, the value of this stone always higher. However, The red jewel treasured made waves in the modern culture. Ruby's iconic specialties never let this stone ascent down.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is special about Ruby Stone Ring?

It shows the sign of passion, protection, an wealth which make is special for special occasions rings.

Why is Ruby ring good for you?

It’s increases intensity and source of power which helps to improve your personality.

Why is Ruby so expensive?

Original gems are expensive. Large ruby stones are rare and these are more expensive than smaller stones because of their limited availability.

Why choose ruby for an engagement ring?

Stone looks elegant in a ring and for engagement, this stone will lay the foundation of purity and sincerity.

For Which Finder Ruby Ring is Best?

It’s a symbol of love so this is best for the “ring finger” and for men's right hand and women's left hand.