What is Ruby Stone Benefits? Find out Price and Best Colors
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What is Ruby Stone Benefits? Find out Price and Best Colors

Natural Ruby stone is the most precious stone on Planet Earth, also called "Manik" in some countries. This ruby stone colour is found in blood red color, light red color, dark pink, or light pink. In short terms, Ruby stone means good health and good wealth.

What is the Benefit of Ruby Stone?

This gemstone has many benefits for your health, or work. Here are all the reasons why you should wear this precious gemstone:

  1. Create Confidence in Your Personal and Professional Life
  2. Stone Makes You Strong by Mind or by Health
  3. Enhance Leadership Values
  4. You Become More Creative
  5. Ruby Stone Has the Power to Stop Negative Energies
  6. More Career and Wealth Opportunities by Wearing in Stone
  7. Make Your Relations More Strongs
  8. Equal Your Emotions Across the Things and Enhance Your Focus
  9. Bring Calm and Relaxation in Your Life

Is Ruby an Expensive Stone?

Ruby gemstone is an expensive stone like gold or diamond. The cost will depend on the stone's quality or origin. Mozambique-origin rubies are the most expensive and are considered the best gemstones.

Who should Wear a Ruby or Who Should not?

Anyone can wear a ruby and get benefits. There are almost 99% fake reports available on the internet that few stars/signs car wear or some others not, trust us these all reports and rumors are fake. We have been in the gemstone and geologist business for the last 20 years and never happened bad things by wearing rubies to anyone. 

Is A Ruby a Real Diamond?

No, ruby gemstones are not diamond stones. Both have different chemical reactions and have different stone properties. Both stones are considered as precious gemstones.

Is Ruby a Good Luck Stone?

Yes, ruby bring good fortunue and good luck in your life by balance your life anf provide your career options. This stone can enchance your focus, confidence, leadership and balance your wealth/health.

Does Ruby Attract Wealth?

Yes this stone attracts wealth by providing you growth and career options by enchaning your creativity in life.

What is the Best Color Ruby?

Ruby comes un different colors it all depending on your jewellery, if light pink matach with your style then go with pink. All ruby colors have equal benefits or properties.

These stones comes in these colors:

  1. Light Pink Ruby
  2. Dark Pink Ruby
  3. Blood Red Ruby
  4. Red Ruby
  5. Light Red Ruby

How do You Know if a Ruby is Real?

Natural rubies can be checked by thier colors, mostly these stones color equaly divided in stone. 

There are multiple ways to check ruby is real on not:

  1. Check by color (Divided equaly in all stone)
  2. Check by dipping in to different liquids (if spread color then its not a real ruby)
  3. Check by light (light will be deep and stopped in its middle and not spreading around.

Are real rubies red or pink?

Real rubies can come in both colors pink or red. Both colors are found in rubies.

Which country ruby stone is best?

Rubies can come from many countries all rubies have eqaul benefits and properties but Mozambique are used most becuase there are deep down earth alot of rubies found, so most supply comes from africa.

These are origins where rubies found:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Mozambique
  4. India
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Myanmar
  7. Thailand
  8. Cambodia
  9. Vietnam

Is ruby better than sapphire?

Both stones are family of precious gemstones and both have different values and importance.

What is ruby stone price in dubai?

1 carat ruby price starts from 500 USD to 1000 USD depending on its quality and origin.

What Ruby Stone Jewellery is Good?

Ruby stone can be worn in any piece of jewelry like ruby stone ring or pendants. Order your personalized jewelry in Dubai from Raza Gems.