Learn About Navratna Stones List With Cost Names of 9 Gems
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Learn About Navratna Stones List With Cost Names of 9 Gems

Navaratna meaning is "9 Gems". Term Navratna comes from Nine set of stones. Nine stone make navratna set or Navratna name, and Ratna word comes from jewel. So it's complete nine stone jewel set. These 9 navratna stones combination create many powers of humen benefits. 

What are the benefits of Navratna stones?

These stones have many benefits like one of top benefit of these gemstone is wealth. Wear these stones as a jewellery like pendants, ring, bracelets can mine wealth. These gemstones offers healing powers for anxiety, stress and regular ongoing diseases. By wearing these get happiness and peice in your life.

What is the story of the Navratna stones?

Navratna are most popular in India origin. This concept comes from astrology of India. Navratna stones have power of 9 planets. These set of stones together make mystical power that help in alot of things, and these power obsorbe good energy and vibes from these planets.

What are the 9 Gems in Navratna?

Here is the list of list of orignal navaratna stones:

  1. Emerald (Panna)
  2. Diamond (Heera)
  3. Pearl (Moti)
  4. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
  5. Ruby (Manik)
  6. Coral (Monga)
  7. Cat's Eye (Lehsunia)
  8. Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
  9. Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)

Above name of navaratna stones comes from different origins and in different prices.

What is the most powerful Navratna?

Ruby stone or Ruby manik is the most powerfull stone becuase its close to sun and associated with sun and called king of stones. Ruby is main powerful stone in nvaratna gems.

Who can wear Navaratna stones?

There is no limit anyone can wear these sets of stones and get benefits. Women, men and child both can wear as a jewellery sets and kept them in your pockets. By wearing as a personalised jewellery this close to your body for getting good vibes from plannets.

Cost of Navratna Stones

Cost of navratna can be varey according to carats weights or mm size, we prepared list according to MM sizes.

(150 AED) 2mm Set of 9 Stones

(180 AED) 3mm Set of 9 Stones

(250 AED) 4mm Set of 9 Stones

(350 AED) 5mm Set of 9 Stones

(450 AED) 6mm Set of 9 Stones

(600 AED) 7mm Set of 9 Stones

(800 AED) 8mm Set of 9 Stones

(1200 AED) 9mm Set of 9 Stones

(1500 AED) 9mm Set of 9 Stones

Dimanond prices will be varey according to current rates. All prices of above list is subsctitute of Diamond(Moissanite).

Which finger is good for Navaratna ring?

It can be wear in any finger according to your satisfaction, there is no astrology restriction in wearing specific finger. Other then Navratna rings can wear as pendants, braclets, earrings and necklace.

How to Buy 9 Navratna Stones Jewellery or in Loose?

Order your loose gemstones at Raza Gems or make your personalised jewellery in any design or in any size. Get benefits of these stone and place your order now.