Garnet Stone Benefits, Meaning, Price, Jewellery And Colors
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Garnet Stone Benefits, Meaning, Price, Jewellery And Colors

Garnet stone jewellery has a special attraction to women. Wearing garnet stone jewellery at an engagement is a dream of every woman. Let's explore more about the amazing stone and learn about its benefits. The stone is popular because of its various benefits. It has a special shine that makes jewellery items more attractive. The garnet stone is used to make jewellery items bright and elegant. The stone is use in rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as a person requires for a special event.

Garnet Stone Meaning

Garnet stone comes from the Latin word “granatus” which means “seed” or “grain”. Garnet stone is a symbol of love, passion, and power. Its known to bring self-confidence, protect from negative energies, and make balance in life. The use of this stone brings various benefits for individuals' life. The stone is associated with pomegranate. Its deep color belongs to blood and is believed to bring balance to love relations.

Garnet Stone Benefits

Gemstones contain various benefits and belong to special properties. Garnet stone is popular with its benefits to enhance energy. Wearing a garnet stone ring can give you these benefits:

  • Boost energy and passion to goals.
  • Bring self-confidence in personality.
  • Protect from negative energies.
  • improve relationship life.
  • Bring positivity.
  • It gives strengthen to bones.
  • Helps to reduce depression, and anxiety, and brings mental peace.
  • Assist in the right direction.

Garnet Stone Price

Gartnet stone prices vary on their quality. It starts from $50 per carat to available at $500 per carat. Garnet stone jewellery item price depends on the garnet standards. The stone is available at different prices which makes it useable for all types of jewellery.

Garnet Types And Colors

Garnet is often in deep red but it comes in different shades like orange, pink, green, black, and honey brown. Every single color contains a special shine for jewellery items. The most popular color is deep red which is associated with pomegranate shade as well. There are different types of garnet:

Garnet Stone Side Effects

Garnet is not for all and is not only known for its benefits. It has several side effects one should consider before wearing this stone. its rich red color not only indicates the good benefits but also has some side effects. Gemstone effect linked with blood. The strong energy of garnet is not suitable for everyone. Let's learn about the garnet stone side effects:

  • Garnet stone is not for people who recently suffered in heartbreaks. The stone is known to build relationships, friendships, and closeness to people. This is not good for heartbreak sufferers because they need space for precautions.
  • The constant use of strong energy can harm and make the mind restless.
  • The gemstone is not for pregnant ladies. Don’t wear the stone during pregnancy.
  • The stone is not for sensitive skin, it can be allergenic for sensitive skin people.
  • Do not ignore any type of change in your body or in your behavior after wearing the stone. If you feel any bad change in behavior and body remove the stone from yourself.
  • The stone contains strong energy which might affect on head and cause of headaches.

Garnet Stone In Hindi

In Hindi garnet stone means “Raktamani” which means “blood red precious jewel”. Its rich color assembles with red and it's known to improve blood relations.

Garnet Stone In Urdu

in Urdu Garnet meaning is “LAAL”. “Yaqoot” is also a strong meaning of garnet stone. the stone has a strong resemble to pomegranate which gives it different meanings in Urdu like, blood color, rich red, strong red color, and deep shade of blood.

Garnet Stone In Arabic

In Arabic Garnet stone meaning is “ Hajar Alaqeeq”. Aqeeq is known to be worn by powerful people in Islam. It boosted the energy and bring balance in life.

Garnet Stone Ring

Garnet stone can be fixed in different styles of rings. The unique specialties of stone increase its demand and make it popular for engagement ring.

Princess Cut Garnet Stone Ring

A princess-cut ring usually designed with a large size garnet stone at the center and various small diamonds around the stone.

Halo Garnet Stone Ring

A single halo-shaped garnet stone is usually used to gift someone special.

Diamond Cut Ring

Diamond-style cut rings belong to the special attention of people and its look stunning with a combination of small white diamonds on a band and a single diamond shape garnet at the center.

Square Shape

Square shape ring stands classic. A square-shaped stone at the center and small white diamonds around the stone make it unique.

Five Stone Ring

Band-style ring with five garnets in the same shape and style looks stunning for an engagement ring.

Three Stone Ring

Three stone garnet rings can be designed in a band style or triangle style. The stone ring looks classic and stunning without any white diamonds surrounding it.

Garnet Gemstone Price Per Carat

Garnet stones available from $50 to $500. It depends on the quality of the stone. a beautiful garnet stone ring can be made between $400 to $1000.

Red Garnet Stone Price

A strong red garnet price falls around $2000 to $7000. This estimated price is for pure garnet stone which is very rare.

Garnet Stone Green

Green garnet stone is popular of its brilliance, hardness, and rich green shade. It has strong luster which makes it more stunning in jewellery items.


What is garnet stone for?

The stone is for control emotions and overcoming sadness and anxiety.

Is garnet an expensive stone?

Pure garnet stone is expensive whereas the different shade and type can be found in low price between $50 to $500.

Who should not wear garnet?

Pregnant women and people with recent heartbreak should not wear.

Is garnet a lucky stone?

Garnet is belong to luck as its improve self-confidence and boost energy.

Does garnet attract love?

Garnet is known to improve love relation.

Which stone attracts girls?

Its rich shine attract in jewellery item.

Who is stronger garnet or amethyst?

Garnet is slightly softer and slightly harder, but Amethyst is the hardest stone.

What birth month is garnet?

It is for the month of January.