Spinel Stone Benefits, Properties, Colors, Jewellery And Prices
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Spinel Stone Benefits, Properties, Colors, Jewellery And Prices

The amazing thing about spinel stone is it can appear in any color. Spinel stone is one of the very useable stones in the world, even Europe and Asian royal families used the stone in crowns. The stone strongly resembles to precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and diamond.

Spinel stone is like the other gemstone linked with such benefits and healing properties everyone looking into a gemstone. In this article, we will explain the benefits, properties, colors, price, and jewellery which can look more elegant with spinel gemstone. Jewellery items are strongly related to gemstones because women like things that belong to special purposes and are expensive as well.

Spinel Stone Benefits

Spinel is a popular gemstone with a strong history. The stone has different healing properties and is known to have positive effects. The versatile shine of this stone especially in ruby color had special use in crowns. The special benefits of this stone are explained here:

  • The stone did the healing work for strugglers with any kind of inflammation like arthritis.
  • It helpful to the overall nerve system.
  • The stone is believed to special work for achieving goals and boosting concentration energy.
  • It helps to bring calm and peace of mind and move in the right direction.
  • Spinel stone's strong healing property is it helps to reduce mental stress.
  • Wearing this stone help to bring balance in life.
  • The gemstone helps to treat with fear.
  • Wearing this stone give protection from negative energies.

Spinel Stone Meaning

Spinel word comes from the Greek language Sparkle. It’s a symbol of communication, wisdom, peace, and healing properties. The stone has a rich history of using in special jewellery items for royals.  

Spinel Stone Colors

Spinel comes in beautiful colors and the most valuable thing about its color is it comes in precious gemstone colors. Ruby is a precious gemstone but if you can't afford it you can buy ruby stone shade in spinel. Spinel stone comes in:











Spinel stone comes in a wide range of colors. All colors look unique and give a special sparkle when fit in jewellery items for women. However, men's jewellery also belongs to stone and they pay special attention to stone as these stones belong to special powers.

Blue Spinel Stone

Blue spinel stone have an appearance of blue sapphire and it’s a very special spinel amongst the others. It belongs to a naturally formed and no human hand in creation. Its crystal blue shade has a special allure and is known for its naturally created beauty. The stone catches attention because of its pure color and natural beauty. It belongs to special characteristics including bringing positivity, power, and wealth. The stone’s strong characteristics and rarity enhance the demand.

Black Spinel Stone

The most useable stone in jewellery items. black spinel stone is not a commonly available gemstone. It’s a rare available stone from the spinel gemstone group. Black spinel jewellery items are sold in high demand in the market and stone especially fits in the jewellery item for special occasions. In gemstones, black color is very rare. A naturally created mineral in black looks stunning in jewellery.

Spinel Stone Price

Spinel stone prices vary according to the color. Just like the blue spinel is very rare and the most expensive. Blue spinel stone price falls around $100 to $5000 per carat. It depends on the quality and standard. However, the price of other spinel stones starts from $100 to $3000 per carat.

Red Spinel Gemstone

Red spinel gemstone is used as ruby. Its bright shine enhances the sparkle in jewellery items. It comes in different shapes such as oval, triangle, round, drop shape, and diamond cut. Red spinel jewellery looks stunning. Women like red spinel jewellery because of its special sparkle and strong resemblance with ruby stone shine.

Spinel Stone Green

Green crystal shade of spinel stone brings power, health, and balance. Spinal stones which have special colors resemble precious gemstones highly in demand in the market. Green spinal is among them and it looks more stunning with the combination of silver or small white stones. The stone is sold at high price because of its crystal alluring glam.

Spinel Stone Ring

The range of spinel stone colors offers a variety of designs in rings to choose for special event.

Oval Shape Spinel Ring

Oval shape spinel stone with small white stone combination looks stunning to gift someone special.

Bunch Style Ring

Bunch-style rings are usually designed with small-sized spinel stones. Single-color stones looks stunning in rings.

Drop Shape Ring

Women likes drop-shaped rings. Drop-shaped crystal shine stone with small white stones surrounding the drop is a very popular ring style. It belongs to show someone special value and love

Band Style Ring

Featuring spinel stone in band style ring can be used casually. Spinel stone looks stunning in uniform style on band rings.

Engagement Ring

Engagement is a special day for everyone. Spinel stone ring for engagement have special feelings. Spinel stone engagement rings are popular. Engagement rings can be in any style. It looks stunning in a single oversized spinel stone.

Heart Shape

Heart shape stone with small white stones around the shape looks alluring.


What is the healing power of spinel?

Spinel is helpful for struggle of inflammation.

Who can wear spinel?

The stone believes to improve inner strength its good for those working on long hours.

What is the spiritual meaning of the spinel stone?

Its helps to remove ego and bring positivity to devote.

Which Colour spinel is best?

Red and blue color are most popular.

What birth month is spinel?

Spinel is birth stone for Virgo.

Is a spinel a precious stone?

Spinel is beautiful as precious stones but it's not a precious gemstone.

Are spinels good for everyday?

Spinel is good to wear on daily basis for good health and mental peace.